i sincerely thank every friend who has followed zhongjin medical , because of your understanding and trust, care and support, zhongjin medical can develop steadily.

health is an inevitable requirement for promoting the comprehensive development of mankind, and it is related to the happiness of thousands of families. the realization of national health is an important symbol of national prosperity and national rejuvenation and the common aspiration of the people of the whole country. since its establishment in 2006, zhongjin medical has been actively calling for it to take the lead in advocating the concept of "customized wheelchairs" in china. it has always been committed to providing comfortable, convenient and safe rehabilitation products for vulnerable groups in society and making their strong lives more beautiful and wonderful.

innovation is a very important driving force for the development of the health industry. therefore, we have been working hard to develop smarter and more convenient medical equipment. recently, we have newly developed a new nanotechnology-"nanothermal bathing equipment", completely subverting the traditional bathing concept, using international high-tech cutting-edge technology, with the concept of green, environmental protection and energy saving, only 300-500ml purified water can be used for personal bathing in 15 minutes, bringing unprecedented experience to long-term bedridden patients, the elderly, and pregnant women, creating the safest and most convenient way of bathing and nursing.

we have established the entrepreneurial spirit of "positive attitude, frank communication, focus on details, work harder than others.", using high-standard technical equipment, drawing on advanced management experience, and working hard for people's health and happiness. start from oneself to improve our products and services, and strive to interpret the corporate philosophy of "we produce not only product, but also care" with business concept.

zhongjin medical will not forget its original intention, adhere to innovation and forge ahead in the health industry, and strive to create a new era of glory with high-quality rehabilitation products!