corporate philosophy

we produce not only product, but also care.

corporate mission

provide a new rehabilitation product for the socially disadvantaged groups  that is safe, comfortable, light, and effectively solves the user's physical distress.

brand personality

the perfect fusion of medicine, engineering and aesthetics

behavior of principles

positive attitude, frank communication, focus on details,  work harder than others.

1 packing methods for wheelchairs under different transportation methods. is the shipping container packed in a carton? lcl is packed in carton and by pallet?

answer: the packaging method of the product can be according to the customer's requirements.

2 what are the warranty conditions and years of the wheelchair? if order one container are the accessories free? what accessories?

answer: according to the product manual, no accessories are given. small fasteners can be given properly.

3 can accessories be purchased separately? such as cushions, electric wheelchair motors

answer: absolutely

4 does the wheelchair need maintenance? what maintenance methods can improve the service life of the product and make the user more safe?

answer: as long as the product is kept clean and tidy, no special maintenance is required.

5 how long is the battery life of the electric wheelchair?

answer: lead-acid batteries are charged about 500 times, 1-2 years of life; lithium batteries are charged about 800 times, 2-3 years of life (our battery warranty is one year), when the battery is not used for a long time,it is recommended to charge it once a month, and do not over-discharge when using it. generally, it should be charged not less than 30%.

6 how long does it take to charge an electric wheelchair? 7 hours.

answer:5-6 hours under normal circumstances.

7 can electric wheelchairs be used in rainy or hot weather? is the motor of the electric wheelchair waterproof? will it be affected? what are the precautions?

answer: a short period of light rain is okay. avoid long-term rain and immersion in water is strictly prohibited. the general waterproof level of the motor is ipx4. long-term rainy use or immersion in water will cause short circuit damage to the motor. long-term high-temperature weather use may cause line aging due to overheating and affect service life.

8 is there a reversing reminder on the electric wheelchair? can you add a horn to the wheelchair to remind passers-by during use?

answer: there is a sound of “didi” when reversing, and the controller has a horn.