spring promotion for zhongjin wheelchair are beginning

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according to the current marketing needs, after the company's decision, in order to speed up the development and sales of the domestic market, a wheelchair sales promotion policy was launched. now a wheelchair gift giving activity is launched. the specific activities are as follows:

first、 activity time

may 1st-june 30th, 2015

second、 the target user

distributors who have signed contracts with our company

third、 promotion policy content

1. for every car sold, a water cup with the logo of "middle health road" will be given away; during this period, the order will also be accompanied by a water cup.

2. if the tires ordered for wheelchairs within 5-6 months are pneumatic tires, one free pump will be given for every two units; or for every two pneumatic wheelchairs sold during may-june, one free pump will be given.

3. according to the 30-day account period or contract repayment, that is, the account is reconciled this month, and the repayment is made the following month, one umbrella or a pump will be given for each 10,000 yuan repayment.

fourth、 relevant instructions

1. if the commodities sold (booked) from may to june are accompanied by gifts, the commodities sold (booked) will be reconciled and billed at the end of june, and the payment will be refunded before july 15, otherwise all gifts will be returned before the end of july. the settlement of other sold commodities shall be carried out in accordance with the contract;

2. all regional managers must do a good job of communicating and promoting the promotion policy, make the above promotion policies clear to all channels and store staff, and mobilize the sales enthusiasm;

3. the regional managers do a good job in gift distribution and gift giving, register the gift distribution information, and truly give the gift to the end user. in the event of false gifts or misappropriation of gifts, the regional managers will be held accountable for their financial responsibility.

4. all promotional gifts must be used in the "zhongjin" series of wheelchairs. if there are still some gifts remaining on june 30, please ask the regional managers to record the information for the basis of the next promotion.

5. the right to interpret the policy rests with the business department.


changzhou zhongjin medical

april 28, 2015


gift display 1: foldable high-pressure wheelchair air pump




gift display 2: zhongjin medical advanced folding umbrella



gift display three: colorful cups of zhonghejiankanglu