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changzhou zhongjin medical group went to “nanchang hope house”


on the morning of march 13, 2019, ceo-erqi wang of zhongjin medical group went to nanchang hope house, was warmly received by vice chairman of the nanchang disabled persons' federation, chairman of the nanchang association of persons with physical disability and "parent" of nanchang hope house- wang leqiu.

ceo-erqi wang of zhongjin medical group with "parent" of nanchang hope house- wang leqiu.

 ceo-erqi wang of zhongjin medical group with "parent" of nanchang hope house- wang leqiu.


the jiangxi yue qiu rehabilitation center was a professional rehabilitation center for traumatic paraplegia, founded in 1998 by the nanchang municipal committee, the municipal government and the disabled people's federation. it was the first in jiangxi and even in the whole country. in 2012, it was designated by china disabled persons' federation as the pilot unit of "halfway home" for spinal cord injury in nanchang.

ms. wang leqiu was successively elected as a member of the cppcc, a representative of the jiangxi provincial people's congress, chairman of the nanchang association of persons with physical disability, vice chairman of the jiangxi association of persons with physical disability, and deputy director of the china spinal cord injury committee and won honors such as "ten moral pacesetters of jiangxi province", "self-improvement model of jiangxi province", "national march 8th red flag bearer". she also have been received by president of the people's republic of china xi jinping, former chairman of the disabled persons' deng pufang and chairman of the disabled persons' federation zhang haidi.



 honor represents the past, and the future needs more effort


ceo-wang erqi is an alumnus of lu xun and studied for a doctorate in engineering in japan. then he accepted the invitation of shanghai tongji university to return home to teach, and then accepted the challenge to become a professional manager of the famous japanese wheelchair brand miki. in this process, wang erqi's determination to build china's own high-end wheelchair brand was inspired, and there was establish changzhou zhongjin medical.

in 2006, wang erqi chose to cooperate with nissin, the number one in the wheelchair industry in japan, and founded changzhou zhongjin medical to formally enter the high-end wheelchair industry- a chinese company that has obtained japanese jis industry standard certification and became the only wheelchair partner of toyota motor. zhongjin has formed its own core technology in the field of rehabilitation equipment, has independent intellectual property rights, more than 100 patents, undertakes a national torch plan project, has obtained high-tech enterprise certification, and is also a graduate workstation recognized by the jiangsu science and technology department .


 changzhou zhongjin medical factory


under the guidance of chairman wang leqiu, ceo-wang erqi and his party visited "nanchang hope house". a striking sentence in the front hall made everyone stop: "even if the wings are broken, the heart will fly". zhang haidi's words have inspired many disabled friends. she once said in the book "the question of life", if fate is destined for me, let all the suffering come together. maybe life will be crushed to powder, but my unyielding soul is still flying proudly.


 even if the wings are broken, the heart will fly


on the wall of "nanchang hope house", pictures of the daily life of the disabled friends, traveling, marathon and other activities are posted. speaking of the marathon, chairman wang leqiu proudly said: "our jiangxi friends have won awards every time they participate in the marathon. they are all good!" it is reported that the total area of "nanchang hope house" is about 1600 square meters. mi has 48 beds and 32 rehabilitation equipment, and has opened rehabilitation rooms such as treatment rooms, acupuncture treatment rooms, functional training rooms, and therapy rooms to facilitate disabled people in daily rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation training.

ceo- wang erqi listened attentively to chairman wang leqiu's introduction and frequently gave thumbs up to praise the disabled friends.


 ceo- wang erqi thumbs up frequently to praise the disabled friends


changzhou zhongjin medical group • nanchang hope house symposium was held on the fifth floor of "nanchang hope house". chairman wang erqi and his friends gathered together with the disabled friends. "i saw in european and american countries that although people with disabilities are sitting in wheelchairs, their spirits are very exciting. one of the important reasons is that safe and comfortable wheelchairs add confidence to them." he continued, "an unsuitable wheelchair not only does it not facilitate their lives, but it is even more terrifying that some of the remaining functions will be degraded, lost, and even cause secondary injuries. the disabled choose the wheelchair that suits them and is responsible for life and health. i am determined to do an industry where people feel happy, and it must do their best to bring happiness to chinese consumers.


 ceo- wang erqi and his party gathered together with the disabled friends

 ceo- wang erqi's speech


when zhongjin was founded, it invested heavily in research and development and production to produce high-end wheelchairs. however, the difficulty of high-end wheelchairs entering the chinese market for the first time caught him off guard, and the high price made the chinese discouraged. "at that time, only one wheelchair was sold in 3 months." wang dong said with a smile. although it was difficult at the beginning, he has persevered in the bright future development prospects. after adjusting prices and marketing plans, more and more people accepted wang erqi's concept of "lightness, comfort, and safety". the high-end wheelchair he promoted sales are also rising. realized the entry of high-end wheelchairs made in china into the international market.

medical rehabilitation relies more on drugs in the country, and more on equipment in developed countries. wang erqi believes that if a product can make users feel confident and happy, it is social progress. "in my eyes, wheelchairs are not products for disabled people, but exquisite works of art. the wheelchairs we produce are light and portable, and integrate medicine, aesthetics, and engineering. we are not making products, but caring. . "

it is reported that in order to help disabled people achieve independent employment, changzhou zhongjin medical group established a disability center, investing 1 million rmb per year to provide targeted assistance to disabled people.


dong dong speech 2.jpg

 ceo- wang erqi's speech


after listening to ceo- wang erqi's wonderful speech, there was a warm applause in the venue. subsequently, chairman wang leqiu and chairman wang erqi exchanged views and exchanged views.

chairman wang leqiu said, "jiangxi has more than 800,000 disabled people, most of the disabled friends are using wheelchairs issued by the provincial disabled persons' federation, and only a small number of disabled friends with better economic conditions will buy it themselves. the group can develop customized wheelchairs with a price range of about 2,000 to 6,000 rmb and high cost performance. " chairman wang leqiu continued, "in addition to the rehabilitation of the disabled friends here, most of them are facing the problem of employment. some of the disabled friends here have opened online stores, and others have rich experience in wheelchair maintenance. zhongjin whether the medical group can produce some special products, or provide channels for disabled people to repair wheelchairs, create employment conditions, and allow their lives to take care of themselves. "at the meeting, disabled people also generally said that the price of rehabilitation aids on the market is too low high and unaffordable.


  chairman wang leqiu speaking


after listening to chairman wang leqiu's speech and the needs of the disabled friends, ceo-wang erqi said, "after going back, i will produce a batch of customized wheelchairs for everyone. at the same time, the company has developed a 'small v' under the general trend of the sharing economy. in the shared wheelchair project, company ’s shared business has been rolled out in many hospitals in jiangxi province. the maintenance of wheelchairs in the future will also provide employment opportunities for everyone. "the disabled friends present were moved and the author was deeply touched. this kind of care and love for the "lost" people is definitely not a businessman's "fortune" of wealth, but carries the health and happiness of a "cultural man". ceo- wang erqi does not have the utilitarian intention of businessmen, and the style of people-friendly entrepreneurs is obvious.


 the remnant friends stared at ceo wang erqi with hope


live communication 1.jpg

the remnant friends stared at ceo-wang erqi with hope

at the meeting, mr. xie junwu, who was responsible for the reconstruction of life in nanchang hope house (the first disabled person in jiangxi province to break the guinness record, the holder of the guinness world records "the longest distance of double-wheeled skating"), told everyone about his past years through the journey of the mind, everyone in this room was inspired by his own personal experience. "although we are in a wheelchair, we can still live a wonderful life. we can't change the way we sit in a wheelchair, but we can change the way we live. experience is experience. in a wheelchair, we can still have something we pursue."


 xie junwu speaks.jpg

teacher xie junwu speaks


the end of the symposium, the remnants of the "nanchang hope house" performed a wonderful wheelchair dance for guests coming from afar. the optimistic mental outlook of the spinal cord injured people, the superb and skilled wheelchair dance skills, and the harmonious and harmonious team spirit have shocked everyone's heart and can't calm down for a long time. the wheelchair dance also pushed the atmosphere of the symposium to the climax.

at the end of the symposium, everyone took a group photo, and everyone's face was filled with happy smiles. the author also wishes the disabled friends a speedy recovery and good luck in everything; changzhou zhongjin medical equipment co., ltd. is booming and will be more brilliant tomorrow!


 group photo of ceo wang erqi and chairman wang leqiu


  ceo wang erqi took a group photo with everyone


 ceo wang erqi took a group photo with everyone